• Littleton Partners – Our Roots Are Showing

    Littleton Partners can help you set your direction to success

    We are the product of our manufacturing backgrounds and very proud of it. We like lean, reliable processes, quality, pragmatic solutions, cost effectiveness, and results. We approach our responsibilities to our clients with this as our compass.

    Over the years, I have dealt a lot with executive recruiters; from both sides of the desk as a hiring manager and as a candidate. I have never felt that there are many recruiters out there who know much about manufacturing. With 30 plus years of manufacturing experience, I got into this business believing my company can be a distinctively different kind of partner for our clients.” Darryl Littleton

    We view the identification, acquisition, and development of talent in much the same way manufacturing executives view supply chain. The talent supply chain (or people supply chain) is one that relies on constant inputs to determine the competencies needed, the positions to be filled, and when. Viewed from this perspective, it is logical to plan based on strategy, growth, attrition, topgrading and/or contingency variables.

    Getting the right people in the right jobs is the most important thing a leader does.
    An effective talent supply chain will provide leaders-in-waiting but must be refreshed and complemented by recruitment.

    But a recent study determined that 46% of newly placed executives fail within 18 months and only about 20% achieve their full potential. Put another way, about 80% of all new hires are failures on some level! (Nearly half fail outright and another 30% are disappointments.) Horrible first pass yield!!

    Moreover, credible estimates place the cost of a bad hire at 10X the annual salary. Coupled with the above failure rate, the math is compelling. A $100,000 hire will cost $1 million about half the time. Any good executive, manufacturing or not, would see this as worthy of attention and this is the focus of Littleton Partners.

    We are your integrated Talent Supply Chain partners.